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Your Self Image vs How You Are Seen by Others

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Dove did an experiment recently, asking women to describe themselves to an artist & then someone else described them to the artist.  The comparisons were amazing revealing the poor self image women had of themselves vs how they were perceived by others. 

This is the video from the Dove commercial. 


Now most men are the opposite, viewing themselves as better than they are.  And of course, some parodies have already sprung up.

Women in Combat

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Women on the Front LinesThis week, U.S. military leaders on Thursday formally lifted the ban on women serving in combat positions, with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta saying women have become an "integral part" of the military and have already demonstrated their willingness to fight during the wars of the last decade. "It's clear to all of us that women are contributing in unprecedented ways to the military's mission of defending the nation," Panetta said.

When I heard this, I thought of the old cigarette ad "You've come a long way, baby!"

Is this what feminism fought for?  

A fair question is, is this what women wanted? Can we finally say women have achieved equality?  Congrats ladies, you can die on the front lines with the rest of us.  Meanwhile you've diminished another masculine institution & reduced the glory of men.

Some women are strong & women in the military are stronger than most women, but strength is not the issue.

Should Christians Be Involved In Politics

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politics-graphic-editedIn this political season, when left battles right and vice versa, a question that is frequently asked is, “Should Christians be involved in politics?” 


Some say Christians should stay out of politics because our calling as Christians is not to save the world but to save souls and preach the Gospel. In this passive approach, it appears no concern whatsoever should be given to the affairs of this world.  It seems it would be hard to carry this out in practical matters since the powers of darkness are always advancing and to do nothing, is to allow darkness to spread, unchallenged by the restraint of those with good morals.


Other say Christians need to be salt and light to the world and make a positive influence wherever they can and that particularly includes politics.  With issues like abortion, free speech, funding for Planned Parenthood, gay marriage and religious liberty being challenged (e.g. religious institutions force to provide abortive birth control), there are many issues that directly affect religious beliefs, that Christians should be interested in.

On the other hand, I understand there’s a good reason many don’t want Christians involved in politics.  Christians make up a large voting block and If Christians choose not to participate, these causes are easily won by the activists who are hell-bent (pun intended) on seeing them implemented. 

What the Bible Says...

Of course our belief in Christianity affects how we see the world.  It should cause us to reach out, be generous and help to those who are not able to pay us back. 

Are We Losing Our Sons?

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This is a transcript of a private chat conversation between the son of a friend & me, one recent late night on Facebook.  It's a conversation of a young man who has lost his faith.  It should enlighten all of us how those closest to us are vulnerable.  It seems once men hit their twenties, doubt takes hold & one can easily walk away from God.  Our conversation is not over but I believe he's on his way back home. 

christopher-hitchensIn response to a pic he posted about Christopher Hitchens, I commented "I bet he's not an atheist any more", which lead to this chat.

October 4 - Facebook Friend

I know all about Hitchens

October 4 - Sean Holland

I bet he's not an atheist any more
Good guy, incredibly smart but destroyed by his own intelligence

October 4 - Facebook Friend

Can we have a candid talk?

October 4 - Sean Holland

just like it says in Romans - those that deny God accept the lie & their minds become depraved - considering themselves to be wise they became fools

yes of course

October 4 - Facebook Friend

I am an atheist
I have been for years
but if I told my family I would be disowned

A Catholic Politician's View of Abortion

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abortionAs a Catholic, career politician Joe Biden explains his support for abortion by stating "life begins at conception" but dog-gone-it, he just can't enforce that view on anyone because he considers it a religious issue.  Oddly enough, he's OK with enforcing his views on gay marriage, gays in the military, seperation of church & state, etc. but somehow finds restraint here when it comes to the issue of life.  

This is the fine line democrats frequently walk & I think it's time we call them on it.  This 'abortion should be legal but it's not something I would do' line of reasoning comforts those who support abortion because they know good ol' Joe won't do anything to stop it.  And they also can feel better as he fakes a mournful stance on the tough decision a woman has to make, choosing to end the life of their child.  

Who's Choice?

And they have the nerve to call it "choice".  What an odd word to use for ending the life of a child. Who's choice?  Certainly not the baby's or the father's.  If a father wanted the child & the mother didn't, the child is aborted.  And think about that word - "choice".  Isn't every murder someone's choice? 


“The LORD is a warrior; Yahweh is his name!”

Exodus 15:3
New Living Translation 

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